Business Card Design for Digital Media Web App

mcolella picked a winning design in their stationery contest. For just $363 they received 94 designs from 15 designers.

Here’s a peek at the client’s brief

Contest title


Business Card Design for Digital Media Web App


Wanted: Rockstar Designer

Background information


Audience consists of affiliate marketers, ad agency reps, site owners, or brand advertisers. Anyone interested in better understanding the pay per click contextual advertising space.

Brand Name

Brief Summary

I'm the founder of PPC Labs. We provide contextual advertising intelligence data for online marketers. Our web app collects text ads from all over the internet and then provides analytics about the ads.

Content details


Please provide: business card design 2 powerpoint templates (title slide and body slide) The design needs to somewhat mesh with the site/blog/forum design already done, check out these pages for reference: The logo and forum screenshots shots are also attached. I am looking for a clean design, yet somewhat playful/fun. Text on the card should include name, title,, email,, phone. Please add these feature bullet points to the back of the card: Advertising intelligence for Google/Yahoo/MSN content networks. Find top performing ads acrosss thousands of websites. Watch competitors split test ad copy. View ads by advertiser and by site. Learn your competitors best placements.

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