When it comes to things that might be considered universally appealing, you’d be hard pressed to find something that fits the bill better than a bakery. Bakeries are the culinary equivalent of puppies: they’ve got everyone’s love and affection. I mean, who doesn’t love pastries and cookies and crusty, delicious, fresh-baked bread?

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If you’re the type of person who knows how to turn flour and water into a mouth-watering french roll, or who bakes the best cookies since the invention of chocolate chips, you might be thinking about starting your own bakery. And if so, congratulations!

While you’ll obviously need a cookbook’s worth of killer recipes to get your bakery off the ground, there’s something else you’ll need to help your bakery stand out from the competition and drive hungry pastry-seekers through your doors: a killer logo.

Here are a few different examples of logo types you might want to explore for your up-and-coming bakery (or enjoy just for fun):

Classic bakery logos

Along with conjuring up warm pastries, bakeries can also conjure warm and fuzzy memories of childhood and days past. So why not play up that nostalgia with your logo?

Taking the classic route is great for bakeries that want to appeal to a wide demographic with classic recipes and pastries. Using classic elements—like script font or emblem logos—or drawing inspiration from classic french patisseries appeals to people looking for a good, old fashioned bakery experience. In other words, pretty much everyone.

Classic Bakery Logo: Copper Kettle
Copper Kettle Bakery logo design by ultrastjarna

Sweet tooth, sweet logo

Most bakery enthusiasts have quite the sweet tooth. And if you’re trying to draw in the folks who needed a cupcake like, 5 minutes ago—and your bakery is all about the sweets—why not incorporate them into your logo?

Using a graphic of sweet treats in your logo is wildly popular and can be a great design option if you own a speciality bakeshop that primarily serves one type of sweet (like pies, pastries or the oh-so-popular cupcake):

Bak’d Logo
Clearly, this bakery is all about bak’n pies. Bak’d logo design by oftheFOREST.
Sweetooth Logo: Fresh Cakes
Fresh cakes logo by shoutulkopler
Sweetooth Logo: Cake & Roses
Cake & Roses logo design by Skilline


Not all bakeries are about getting their patrons hyped up on sugar. If you’re more focused on serving the meanest loaf in town, show that to your carb-loving customers through your logo.

A bread-centric logo is ideal for patisseries or bakeries who specialize in all things bread. You can make it super clear what customers can expect by using a bread graphic (like a loaf or croissant) or be a little more subtle and hint at the delicious loaves to come (like incorporating a stalk of wheat into your logo).

The Savory Crate Logo
The Savory Crate logo by Leukothea
Baked Rituals logo
Baked Rituals logo by FriendlyLabel
Bread-centric logo: Crackerjack Bakery
Cracker Jack Bakery logo by RoyalsArt
Willa Jean logo
Willa Jean logo by Gstars

Bakers’ logos

If using a cupcake or croissant logo feels too “cute” or limiting for your bakery, try incorporating your baking tool—like a whisk, rolling pin, or chef’s hat—right into your logo.

A tool-centric logo design is great for bakeries that want a graphic logo but want to avoid limiting themselves by highlighting one particular pastry or baked good.

Sugar Bakery Logo
Sugar Bakery logo design by Flavia²⁷⁶⁷
bake. Logo
.bake logo design by si.Dee

The frosting on the cake

Whether you’re dishing out to-die-for cookies or baking up loaf after loaf of crusty goodness, a sweet logo is a necessity for driving hungry patrons through the doors of your bakery. And with these logo examples, you have the inspiration you need to “cook up” the right logo and “rise” above the competition.

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