HBO’s “Game of Thrones,” and the book series that inspired the show, have been a cultural phenomenon for years. We’ve been fans since the start not just for the fantastical drama but for the branding and design lessons one could learn from the show. Turns out, we’re not the only ones. Top designer RazvanV caught our eye on Instagram last year with his quirky animated illustrations of the world of Westeros. So, with the show entering its bloody, brutal and downright bonkers home stretch, and the Great War finally waging, we asked RazvanV if he’d like to help bring the series to life for us.

Scroll through for a quick trip through Season Seven!

In episode one, Sam made time in between cleaning bedpans to think through a bright idea that just might save mankind:

Sam has a bright idea in between cleaning bedpans

And in episode two, Theon realizes that no one can tell you’re crying if you’re in the ocean anyway:

Theon drowning in a sea of tears

In episode three, The Queen of Thornes has just one more barb:

The queen has one last barb.

Episode four found Jaime appreciating the non-combustible properties of water:

Designer RazvanV made this last gif an intentional departure from the actual storyline of the show:

“I decided to change the storyline a little bit and make it look like a parody. Basically, what I wanted to do is divert the tension from the amazing battle scene in the episode and turn it into a funny fraction of a second that could have changed the entire dynamic of the story.”

Episode five taught Jon Snow and Co. the value of a snow day:

And episode six left us hoping it’s just some beauty sleep:

Well done, Razvan.V! Check back next week for an illustration of the major events in the season finale: Episode Seven!

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