Bauhaus is one of the greatest design movements of the 20th century. Founded in 1919, the famous design school has influenced all kinds of cultural fields with its revolutionary ideas and theories. Its indelible mark has been stamped on art, design and architecture. But you don’t need to be an artist to have heard about Bauhaus. We all have a feel for what Bauhaus design looks like, but can’t necessarily explain it. Until now…

We’ve put together this Bauhaus infographic to summarize everything you need to know about the movement. Scroll down and let us take you on a Bauhaus journey, from its principles and characteristics to the history, milestones and evolution of the Bauhaus movement in graphic design today.

A journey through 100 years of Bauhaus

Bauhaus inforgraphic
Designed by Lera Balashova

100 years after its inception we can still clearly see the influence of Bauhaus on the design world today. Its iconic and timeless characteristics will probably never go out of style. We can’t wait to see how Bauhaus will continue to inspire artists and graphic designers for decades to come.

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