It’s that time of year again, when you have to think about what you or your design-minded friends and family might like to receive for the holidays. So we’ve assembled a list, 13 gifts under $30! Take a look through and see if there’s something you want to get for that someone-special.

1. Super Graphic: A Visual Guide to the Comic Book Universe

Gift Guide - Super Graphic

Tim Leong (one of Wired magazine’s art directors) has created a book chock-full of fantastic infographics all focusing on one of our favorite topics (at least here at 99designs) — superheroes. It’s an amazing display of data design, so even if this kind of mythology isn’t necessarily at the top of your list, this book should be.

$18.95 at Chronicle Books

2. Font Me Typography Coffee Mug

Font Me

Two of our favorite things together! Typography and coffee. This ridiculously convenient mug details many of the fundamental facts any designer has got to know about type. And best of all, it’s literally on-hand! So any time you forget something about a font-face, all you have to do is take another look at your mug. Plus, it comes in a bunch of fun colors.

$25.95 from Zazzle

3. Stickies memo: Cats


What do we really even have to say about this — who can resist cat-shaped things these days? (Don’t worry. If felines aren’t your style, they have puppies too).

$6.50 at Muji

4. Skillshare Classes


Skillshare offers a ton of great beginning design classes, online. If there’s any type of graphic design you’ve always wanted to try out for the first time but didn’t know how, this is the perfect place to do it. Some of the ones we’re eyeing:

Design classes start at $20 at Skillshare

5. Spotify Premium Account


Spotify might be the easiest way to access music these days, and it’s certainly how most of us in the office access our Phil Collins. And while Spotify does offer a free account, the reasonable $10 a month Premium Account is probably the best way to go. No commercials, accessibility to music offline and availability on all of your devices. It’s not exactly a new service, but if you haven’t bitten the bullet and started using it already, this is the time.

Try it out with a free trial first! Otherwise, $9.99 a month at Spotify.

6. Sky Planters

Sky Planters

Give your workspace a quick spruce with Sky Planters, pots designed to hang upside down. They allow your plants to continue to grow — but downward! Sure to inspire any designer that likes to turn traditional thinking on its head.

$24.59 at Firebox

7. Subscription to Juxtapoz Magazine


This SF-based magazine is one of our favorites for great cutting edge art, design, pop culture, music. Not a surprise, as they’ve even featured one of our favorite 99designers in their online magazine! There’s really no shortage of inspiration here, so if you want to mix it up every month, give it a try.

Year subscription for $29.99 at Juxtapoz

8. Sugru multi color pack of 8


This crazy rubber helps you fix just about anything in your house. It’s flexible and adheres to most other materials, and as a bonus comes in lots of fun colors. We dare you to test it out and show us the crazy things that you can use it to repair.

$18 at Hand-Eye Supply

9. 99designs’ Community T-shirt


We know we know… we’ve been pushing these for a while now. But for a reason — we’re still excited about them! And with a holiday sale for $15, this is the perfect time of year to order yours.

#15 at 99designs

10. Japanese Cast-Iron Bottle Openers

Cast Iron

Whether you need to open that bottle of soda or bottle of beer, these beautifully designed cast-iron bottle openers from Poketo will get the job done in style.

$25 at Poketo

11. Hammock Pack

hammock pack

Want to take a vacation but don’t have the time or dough? Grab a subscription to Hammock Pack, Your doorstep getaway. Each month features a different theme, collecting products from food, to beauty, and more to give you that feeling that you’re getting away from the ordinary, even if you haven’t stepped out of the house.

$25 from Hammock Pack

12. Pixel Ruler

Pixel Ruler 2

This stainless steel ruler will help with easy sketching for web and app designers. It indicates pixels, as well as traditional mobile, tablet and widescreen sizing so you can sketch your heart accurately away before moving to the screen.

$29 from UI Stencils

13. 2014 Typography Calendar


Keep track of all of your design projects with this calendar by Studio Hinrichs, in a new font every month. And these are not just your ordinary fonts, as Studio Hinrichs called on members of the Alliance Graphique Internationale to nominate some of their favorite typefaces for the project.

$29 at Amazon

Which of these do you want to receive for the holidays? Let us know in the comments!