March 8 is International Women’s Day — we’ve been celebrating it here at 99designs for years. This year’s theme is #makeithappen, and our talented community of women designers are certainly doing that.

The proportion of women in our community grows every day, and we’re thrilled to support them and show off their creative endeavors. Today is a perfect day to seek out your favorite female designers and let them know just how awesome they are. To get you started, here’s the work and a word or two of advice from some of the leading ladies here at 99designs.

1. Maciev


Winning logo design for Crowded Castle Brewing Company

What do you love about being a designer?
Being a designer makes me feel free, especially when you can make a living from what you do and love. There is constant struggle in designing process but I always have a divine feeling when I finish project with which I am pleased.

2. PrštiPerje


Winning logo design for Moonage Studios

What inspires you?
Doodles! Whenever I am not sure where to begin I just start to draw. I get so inspired by the things that are just popping out on their own, as if they were not drawn by my hand. There is always something hiding in all that mess, you just need to find it.

3. FaFarikula


Winning design for TRAVEL/SURF/SOCIAL Flier

What are your ultimate career aspirations?
I don’t have “ultimate” career aspirations, since I am trying to live day by day. I’m working on my own brand of products, using silkscreening and a laser engraver. I hope I will be able to continue to transfer my work into real products. I would also like to do more movie and music posters, and learning web design. Anything is possible in the future.

4. samovilka


Winning logo and business card design for Tots and Co.

What advice do you have for new female designers getting into the industry?
My advice would be: be you, be original, work hard, learn something new every day, shine your light brighter than ever, and most important, just have fun while doing it!

5. Groenendijk95


Winning greeting card design

What inspires you?
If you give the same assignment to five different people, they will make all something different. That’s what inspires me: that everyone can make something new and unique.

6. Diggitigirl ♥

Diggitigirl ♥

Winning packaging design for Joanne’s Candy Kitchen

What do you love about being a designer?
I absolutely love to see my creations come to life. Anything that I cannot only see but touch, especially when I can hold them in my hands. A finished product sharing my vision to the world, like stationary and other printed design — book covers, t-shirts, even a logo hanging in the shop. It is a feeling of pride that makes me feel awesome, creative and productive. Knowing that I created and envisioned my clients’ ideas and expectations that will help them with their own path to success!

7. maneka


Logo for Moving Reflection Productions

What are your ultimate career aspirations?
My husband and I founded manekadesign in 2009. I’m the Creative Director and my husband is the graphic designer and illustrator. I browse for contests and talk about my concept idea with my husband, who executes the idea. My career aspiration is to bring maneka further, growing in the world of creative arts.

8. AnnOnDesign


Winning invitation for Daylon & Amanda

What advice do you have for other female designers getting into the industry?
Don’t take designing as a competition. The goal should not be ‘win.’ Every individual has different taste. You cannot win them all; but your design can tell a story that everyone understands.

9. Mary Maksimova

Mary Maksimova

Winning app design for Ramar Foods

What inspires you?
I love to read guidelines (Apple’s HIGs, Android’s material design principles and other guides too). They describe why certain solutions were made, and it gives you a foundation for creating something more interesting. It is like reading about tools you will use to create your next piece. In every new guideline, I find new simple solutions for difficult tasks.

10. Dream Boulevard

Dream Boulevard

Winning design for the Hacienda Coffee

What advice do you have for other female designers getting into the industry?
It’s never too late. Whether you are an educated graphic designer or a talented person who is fulfilled by the act of creation, dare to get involved with the industry. 99designs definitely gave me the courage I needed in order to get started, at first as junior freelancer and then as a confident designer! So do not hesitate, start today — and get informed. The 99designs community, blog and platform can be your future assets for your new beginning.

Want more information about gender inequality and how to do your part to help advance women’s rights? Check out the website at International Women’s Day.

Do you know any other amazing design-ladies who deserve a shoutout? Show us below!