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Fun (Tongue in Cheek) Logo Package REQUIRED - $300.00

Designers from around the world are submitting creative designs for Boss_Numbat in logo design - custom.

How Boss_Numbat started their logo design journey


First off, thanks all for taking the time to read this 'contest' description.

This contest as the title suggests is for a total amount of three hundred dollars ($300.00) to create the LOGO we require – our signature (logo, brandmark).

Company name

What inspires you and how do you envision the design for your business?

ID:10-t Awards, Ribbons and Examples

Desired Color Scheme:
None specified, Flexible - However, please provide a color table with values in your submissions.

Desired Style:
The logo needs to be simple yet strong.

The logo needs to work in mono

Our current preference is to have a simple symbol (ideogram, logogram) OR Character :) -- to the left , to the right, or above -- the text (although are open to suggestions)


Accepted File Formats:

We are in the process of having a 'crack attack' with a bunch of different 'things and stuff' that has been 'upsetting the apple cart for 'OURSELVES' and OUR ASSOCIATES' a tad (a little bit) on this 'thingamajig' we call the Internet and World Wide Web (www.)

I am, with the assistance of some talented folks seeking (wish) to chat about couple of these 'things and stuff' (TOPICS) in the New Year in a very TONGUE and CHEEK manner via some well written articles and rants :)

BUT before we can begin seriously to 'poke, prod, shake, rattle, stomp, kick, stamp, wallop and donk' on many a TOPIC close to our hearts, and 'which' have affected our selves, our friends, our associates, and more importantly our clients in some way.

I 'first' need your help and assistance in creating an acceptable LOGO for the chosen name 'ARSE UP' :)

Yeah, ArseUp.com is the intended home for the LOGO artwork you create. We hoping one of the talented 'artists' (graphic artists) located here can help by crafting a decent little LOGO for us to use. :)

On that note, I would like to 'ask' those of you 'talented' artisans (artists) 'who may be considering' entering this particular contest to understand that my expectation(s) are that the individual artist (graphic designer) 'whose' logo design most appeals will naturally be the overall selected winner and would be "expected" complete the full 'contest' requirements thus claiming $300.00 (USD) offered in this contest.

IF this is unsuitable to you, or you feel that you may be unable to fulfill ALL requirements and tasks, THEN I strongly suggest you do not enter this contest.

Personal Note - Due to the 'nature' of this contest, I would like to humbly suggest the following 'rules of engagement' (guidelines), which are the following:

ONE: You are entering a contest that requires original artwork and a multiple number of formats, therefore focus upon the first task, this being the requirement entitled number one (1) and the specifications given in the 'description and style guide' portion of this contest.

TWO: Specifications for the requirement are directly (intimately) related to number one (1) and the specifications given in the 'description and style guide' portion therefore a natural part of this contest and next step for successful 'brandmark' (logo) designer.


This 'contest' is for the following:

1.) Logo (Two) Primary and Secondary TOTAL: $300.00 (USD)

This contest is the first step in developing a brand that will be recognizable in intended target marketplace; we require fresh, funny, eye-catching branding and are open to all creative ideas - so please do not be shy.

(a.) Primary Logo
1 x Full color Brandmark (Logo)
1 x One color Brandmark (Logo)
1 x Grey-scale Brandmark (Logo)
1 x Monotone Brandmark (Logo)
1 x Reversed Brandmark (Logo)
1 x Translucent Brandmark (Logo)

(b.) Secondary Logo
1 x Full color Brandmark (Logo)
1 x One color Brandmark (Logo)
1 x Grey-scale Brandmark (Logo)
1 x Monotone Brandmark (Logo)
1 x Reversed Brandmark (Logo)
1 x Translucent Brandmark (Logo)

I require "Compatible Final" files of your 'winning' logo design, so please include:

A minimum of 300 DPI file resolution is required (Logo will be used for printed work), and the recommended (as always) format is a vector EPS file.

Please remember to include "Fonts" used in your original design in final submission. :)


Online Encyclopedia of Graphic Symbols (Western Signs and Ideograms)

Primary & Secondary Logo Examples:

Logo (Primary and Secondary) examples (to help you get an idea of 'what components make up a primary and secondary logo if you did not know already):

(i.) http://www.tamu-commerce.edu/graphi…go_hor.asp
- Prime example of format we are seeking Primary Logo example (Horizontal Orientation), Secondary Logo (Vertical Orientation) example.

(ii.) http://www.usd.edu/urelations/brand…ds2005.pdf
- Good example of Primary logo (page 4), Secondary (page 5) and 'other' logotypes.

(iii.) http://www.maacsports.com/doc_lib/B…0Guide.pdf
- Another great example of a Primary logo (page 5), and a Secondary Logo (page 6).

(iv.) http://campus.houghton.edu/orgs/ath…age294.htm - A example of Primary logo (logo usage page 2), Secondary logo (logo usage page 3).

Personal Note: My suggestion to those of you (talented artists) intending, or pondering to enter this contest - to do so, by beginning with the Logo first and foremost please.
Once you are selected (declared) Contest Winner, then move on to the finalization of requirements and successful completion of ALL contest elements and tasks.

Payment will be made upon completion of the contest to the winner after final revisions have been completed.

By submitting logos you guarantee all the work is original and your own, and by accepting the prize money all rights to the image transfers to the contest holder, and name of corporate identity.

Although I do not expect to need to exercise it, I reserve the right to end the contest without a winner if no winning entry can be arrived upon.

Side Note: I know and wish to acknowledge in advance, that the majority of the designs (artwork) submitted are original works -- and I thank you for that -- however, 'artwork' in an design submitted in a design 'contest' (Brand Package - Logo, business card, and letterhead $225.00 Catalina was the artist) a little while back was deemed 'not original work',

I just wish to 'stress' that I do not want works (designs) that 'infringe' on 'other artists' work (please) -- they have after all spent considerable 'creative time' crafting a 'original piece' and should 'rightfully' be recognized and credited with the 'artwork'.

It's about quality, originality, PYA (Protecting Your *Bottom) and PMA (Protecting My *Bottom) -- the next step in my process is 'trademark and copyright' of the winning design.

Rights: By submitting a logo to the competition you declare that you are the original author of the artwork submitted. By accepting the prize award, you transfer exclusive copyright for the logo to us, the contest holder. You can use the logo in your portfolio.

Additional Information: Don't hesitate to ask for more information if you think I can help with more info. I will be watching the contest closely and provide feedback where required to examples submitted.

I 'thank you' for bearing with me, and also reading this 'contest brief' :)

Custom package


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  • Open contest
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