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Winning design

Do you love coffee? Design our retail coffee bag.

Grounds for Coffee is a small chain of local coffee shops in Utah, incidentally a state where coffee drinking is shun...

By daileyjava in Product packaging

117 Entries $1,199 gold price
Winning design

Create the next product packaging for Free Grip

The product is called Free Grip and it solves a very annoying problem - "When the car gets stuck in the snow!" Free…

By Csolutions in Product packaging

26 Entries $399 bronze price
Winning design

WANTED: Joyful, Happy, Tasty and Comfort Snack Package

Frosted Rice Snack, Sweet & Savory, Melts in your mouth, Gluten Free           

By tyasumaru in Product packaging

9 Entries $1,699 platinum price
Winning design

Medical Marijuana Pizza Packaging Design Contest

we make the worlds best tasting ***FROZEN*** MEDICATED pizza....

By STONEDOVEN in Product packaging

71 Entries $1,199 gold price
Winning design

Nature Planet tags

Nature Planet sells gifts to zoo’s, aquaria, museums. We have a wide range of toys, plush, stationary, kids wear an...

By annedorthe in Product packaging

61 Entries $399 bronze price
Winning design

Beer Can Design for Community Project

Primary: Craft Beer Consumers, especially Millenials...

By SpentGrains in Product packaging

75 Entries $1,199 gold price
Winning design

Maker's Choice Feed Bag Design

Retail stores that serve both urban and rural customers. Target audience is 25 years of age to 60 years of age. Custo...

By Joec35 in Product packaging

105 Entries $699 silver price
Winning design

DEFREEZE socks need a new packaging design!

The socks are for outdoor and hunting! Please join the project - it will be fun! Thanks.

By JonasP in Product packaging

40 Entries $399 bronze price
Winning design

Brand Packaging Redesign

We are a manufacturer of sugar-free, low carb, and reduced calorie consumer foods. We currently sell solid chocolate ...

By rburkhart in Product packaging

30 Entries $1,699 platinum price
Winning design

Create an eyecatching label for a sauce bottle

Target audience are hunters looking for products to enhance their wild game dinners....

By tspaulding in Product packaging

58 Entries $699 silver price
Winning design

Box graphics design for gun product

We make gun parts for firearms enthusiasts. This packaging design is for a tool that is used for manufacture AR-15 ri...

By tilden in Product packaging

50 Entries $699 silver price
Winning design

Natural Impact Pet Products Needs a Quality label! Product for mass market! Experts only! (logo needed if interested)

We manufacture super premium pet foods for dogs and cats targeted toward pet consumers.This is an all natural super p...

By B-N-P in Product packaging

226 Entries $1,699 platinum price


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