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Winning design

Create the box package for a cool little card game!

Help create the box design for GET A LIFE!

By MR.GAMES in Product packaging

88 Entries $1,199 gold price
Winning design

Only The Best and Most Creative Package Design

We Sell Home Goods for the Kitchen...

By Jwharbal in Product packaging

96 Entries $1,699 platinum price
Winning design

Guaranteed - Package graphics for small phone system!

We manufacture telephone systems and cloud based services....

By Intuitive Technology in Product packaging

149 Entries $699 silver price
Winning design

Design a package that competes with Oley facial cleaners

Dauus specializes in the design, manufacturing, marketing and distribution of high quality, affordable brands that im...

By M.bashir in Product packaging

213 Entries $1,199 gold price
Winning design

Random title

Redesigning a brand.

By zachary.chen in Product packaging

72 Entries $1,699 platinum price
Winning design

Packaging for 3d ink filament company

We create 3d ink filaments for 3d ink printers. We target manufacturing companies....

By jack.tsao in Product packaging

74 Entries CA$699 silver price
Winning design

Create the next product packaging for Free Grip

The product is called Free Grip and it solves a very annoying problem - "When the car gets stuck in the snow!" Free…

By Csolutions in Product packaging

26 Entries $399 bronze price
Winning design

Create a small retail box design

We sell garage door timers (a device that upgrades you garage opener to provide the optional feature to automatically...

By blackdevices in Product packaging

26 Entries $399 bronze price
Winning design

DEFREEZE socks need a new packaging design!

The socks are for outdoor and hunting! Please join the project - it will be fun! Thanks.

By JonasP in Product packaging

40 Entries $399 bronze price
Winning design needs an eye-catching package design is the largest online resource for all things diatomaceous earth, a natural substance produced ...

By FoxWebstores in Product packaging

116 Entries $699 silver price
Winning design

Natural Impact Pet Products Needs a Quality label! Product for mass market! Experts only! (logo needed if interested)

We manufacture super premium pet foods for dogs and cats targeted toward pet consumers.This is an all natural super p...

By BTF in Product packaging

226 Entries $1,699 platinum price
Winning design

Design for a Water Tower

Local Government...

By SS Community Dev. in Product packaging

124 Entries $1,199 gold price

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