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Member since: November 19, 2009
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"Great Work! Thanks!"
Anonymous client
"The designer came up with good ideas on his own and was able clearly communicate ideas and problems to solve."
Profile pictureTorsten R.
"Brilliant job executed in a timely manner!"
Anonymous client
"Very good design, stylish, suggesting "progress" as requested, and a good use of color. He always answered positively to our requests and added all the extra designs I asked him. It was a pleasure working with him, he really earned allthe 5 stars! "
Profile pictureandrea.revay
"It''s been a pleasure working with you!"
Anonymous client
"guest8888888888 interpreted the spirit of the business name and created an original logo that captured the essence of the banyan tree--its interwoven roots--as a symbol for the business. The simple, clean design stands out. "
Profile pictureNdaveyrogers
"Amazing graphical ability, vision, perception, and talent. Very easy to work with, made changes immediately, and had the full intention of catering towards the CH. Will be working with him again"
Profile pictureThepunjab3