Design T-shirt for Scuba Divers in CUBA
In contest Create an illustration that combines digital communication and philosophy
Creative kick ass logo for adaptive life and fitness coaching for special needs
Connor McGreggor bandana face scarf
Design of a Bad ass founding father
Cancer is a C**t - T-Shirt Design
Spirit of samurai illustration for new BJJ shirt idea
Donald Trump & Rob Ford Riding a Unicorn
Mermaid Scuba Diver
Create a trippy black light poster style MUSHROOM tee!
Create a current, hip, t-shirt design with Jesus surfing barefoot.
T-Shirt "Tuxedo" - multiple Winner possible


A dreamer and designer/illustrator. A woman who loves to draw a lot. Personal Blog: meenoestigma.blogspot.com

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"As always very good - thank you!"
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"Love all the color options you gave us. Thanks so much. Can't wait to see it come to life on the shirts. "
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"Good job! Noodlemie has again fulfilled our expectations."
Profile pictureinfoDS99
"Great job! It was a pleasure to work with her. "
Profile pictureinfoDS99
"Great experience all around. Noodlemie was absolutely incredible. I will return to 99 designs and my artists in the future if need be."
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"Creative, fast in responds, good job and easy to communicate with "
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"thanks for all your help "
Anonymous client
"good job! we enjoyed working with you. "
Anonymous client
"Great job! My designer was easy to work with."
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"Amazing winning design by noodlemie Really original style and captured the vibe and feel of our music Easy to communicate with and very professional "
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"Very fast work, great acceptance of feedback. Will work with again."
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"As always, great job, unreal communication and extremely fast turn around time."
Profile pictureCloth Armoury
"Took feedback well and provided amazing work. Can't wait to work with again. "
Anonymous client
"Great detailed work as always, fast and effective communication, highly responsive, would highly recommend for any graphic design work."
Profile pictureCloth Armoury
"Great work ethic, excellent uptake of feedback. Will work with again."
Profile pictureCloth Armoury
"Absolutely fantastic work. Loved working with this designer and what they created. Easy to communicate with, creative and fast doing revisions. Highly recommend. "
Anonymous client
"Working with noodlemie was a very positive experience. She created a unique design that met all specified requirements. She responded to emails and revised the design professionally and efficiently. It was a pleasure working with her! "
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"...fine artwork..."
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"...great artwork!"
Profile picturebl o
"Great designs and very willing to make changes."
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"Noodlemie is an exceptionally persistent designer. Good design is not just about great ideas (which noodlemie has) but it's also about commitment to working through a design, refining it, challenging it, and finishing it. Noodlemie did all of that and m..."
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"Very creative and excellent design work! Noodlemie took our basic ideas and turned them into a wonderful design."
Anonymous client
"noodlemie was very responsive and fast to work with! also was able to create beautiful drawings. will definitely work again"
Anonymous client
"Design is a very nicely creative variation on our logo - recognizable as our brand image, but much more eye-catching than simply a logo copy. The designer was very fast to respond to comments and come up with variations. Her previous designs were fun..."
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"noodlemie was a pleasure to work with! He made my idea come to life! I would highly recommend him to anyone seeking high quality design for their project!"
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"Noodlemie's design stood out as being truly original and hand executed. No stock image vectors here. Lovely stuff. Look forward to working with them again."
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"Noodlemie was just great! The design capture my brief perfectly right out of the gate. Absolutely a wonder creative designer. Noodlemie should be on every Contest Holder short list for future projects!."
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"Noodlemie is able to nail the design and concept with refreshingly original ideas at first try! Wonderful to work with thanks!"
Anonymous client
"Inspired work, and it looks wonderful. Great job all round."
Anonymous client