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How it works…

  1. Submit your best logo designs here. It only takes a few minutes!
  2. Logos can be sold multiple times for $99 each, or the customer can pay $298 for exclusive ownership. Learn more…
  3. If your logo sells, you WILL be required to perform some quick customizations within 24 hours.
  4. You will get paid between 30% and 50% of every sale.

For more information please read our Designer Manual, visit our FAQ or Contact Us.

Why get involved…

  1. It's completely FREE to submit logo designs to the ready-made logo store!
  2. Logos can be sold more than once, so you could keep making sales forever!
  3. This is a great way to monetize unsold designs you've already created.
  4. If your logo doesn't sell, you've lost nothing — you still own it.

Think of this as a giant retail store for your original design work.

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